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A Novel Idea

OK, I don’t usually blog about apps but I just discovered a new app for iPad (sorry android users but I don’t think it if available to you yet.) This app is a backbone structure for organizing your writing process. … Continue reading

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Slowly I climb out of the darkness; I peek over the edge of the pit; I open my eyes for the first time and I see life again as life, in all its majestic glory because of you my love.

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Remembering You

How could I have forgotten her – the touch of her hand – the infectious laugh – amemory once indelibly imprinted now melted.

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Without You My Love

dropped down into the pit of normallcy was I. down to the level of the masses, down to where life iteslf was just lived. people were there and yet I could nor or maybe would not touch them – I … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Winter Reads

Call it what you will. I am going to lower the prices of my books, Dandelion Man – the four loves and Pharmaceutical now through Valentine’s Day. DANDELION MAN is available in paperback or electronic form on Amazon and through … Continue reading

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