Spring Is Here

In honor of Mike’s birthday today I am putting Heaven Sent on Sale through the end of March.



“Up North” in Michigan there’s a place called Topinabee, a small, peaceful town on Mullet Lake where Mike spends several summers fishing with his grandfather and playing with his new friend, Red. Red, a year-round resident introduces Mike to all the wonders and glories of Topinabee in the summer and to her special friend “Old Man Tree”.

Heaven Sent follows Mike through those summers and the subsequent years. Although Mike leaves Topinabee, he treasures his time there and the impact those summers “Up North” made in his life.

This story is the third and final piece of the trilogy. Dandelion Man – the four loves began the saga telling a boy meets girl – boy loses girl tale from the point of view of the boy that lost the girl. Wally, the protagonist is the primary focus the first book. We learn how he met Dee and we learn a little about Dee as well. Mike makes an appearance in the first book but was more of a sideline character – two dimensional.

Pharmaceutical tells of the events after Dee and Mike get married up until the birth of their daughter, Corinne. Heaven Sent tells the story of Mike; how he came onto the scene, who he was and the man he became.


About Dandelion Man

W. M. J. Kreucher is a writer/former engineer/former ghost writer for Congress/lobbyist/technical advisor (hey who can hold a job these days). He has his own blog and has self-published once or twice, OK three times. You can find him on the web if you look hard.
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