The Other Day

The other day you asked why I loved you, I cannot begin to count all the ways;

  • I was attracted to your beauty.
  • I was attracted to your delightful personality; kind, loving, playful—people wanted to be around you and I did as well.
  • When we started dating I saw there was more than a pretty face and a delightful personality, you loved your family and I came to want to start a family with you.
  • Even now I cannot count the ways I have grown in my love for you.

About Dandelion Man

W. M. J. Kreucher is a writer/former engineer/former ghost writer for Congress/lobbyist/technical advisor (hey who can hold a job these days). He has his own blog and has self-published once or twice, OK three times. You can find him on the web if you look hard.
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