Not Sugar-Coated

St. Paul’s First Letter to America

Stand Apart

To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, Our Lord:

I hear that you sit in your houses, intentionally avoiding meeting your neighbors.  You care more about having the latest smartphone than the well-being of the person living beside you.  You store up treasure on earth when the Lord tells us to store up treasure in Heaven.

You judge people on how they look, what they do, and what they drive.  You look at the employee behind the Starkbucks counter and consider them below you.  You don’t stop to learn the story of why someone works retail, cleans the floors at the public school, or waits tables.  You sit there and see someone who is other, someone who is less.

You claim you are a special snowflake, but forget that everyone thinks of themselves as such.  Melt already.  Join in the common community of the world.  Immerse yourselves in…

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About Dandelion Man

W. M. J. Kreucher is a writer/former engineer/former ghost writer for Congress/lobbyist/technical advisor (hey who can hold a job these days). He has his own blog and has self-published once or twice, OK three times. You can find him on the web if you look hard.
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