Writing for Audio Books

Views and readers are well aware of scene breaks. They are readily apparent in both these traditional media. Authors use them to denote a change of scenery or the passage of time. I never gave them much thought until I decided to delve into the audio book arena.

Just how does a narrator portray a scene break with the spoken word? It is a challenge, especially when the scene involves the same characters. Sometimes the passage of time is crucial to the plot.

As a writer, we need to be cognizant of this when we plan to release our treasures.

This is something I learned recently.

I am venturing into this brave new world of audio. I contracted with a very talented radio/television actor to produce an audio version of DRONE. The actors name is Samuel E. Hoke. He is a well known name in the Ohio radio market and has a number of theatrical roles to his credit. He is even working on a roll for a “secret” project for a big name series. There is a non-disclosure agreement so nothing further can be said.

Samuel has brought the characters to life in my story in a way I never thought possible. He has been a delight to work with and is a true professional in every sense of the word.

The audio version will be out sometime next month. You can listen to the trailer at this link. The trailer gives you the essence of the story but does not do justice to the varied talents that are on display with the other characters. I guess you will just have to wait for the completed project.


About Dandelion Man

W. M. J. Kreucher is a writer/former engineer/former ghost writer for Congress/lobbyist/technical advisor (hey who can hold a job these days). He has his own blog and has self-published once or twice, OK three times. You can find him on the web if you look hard.
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