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W. M. J. Kreucher is a fledgling writer/former engineer/former ghost writer for Congress/lobbyist/technical advisor (hey who can hold a job these days). He has his own blog and has self-published once or twice, OK three times. You can find him on the web if you look hard.

To Reform the Tax Code or Not?

Paraphrasing the Bard, “To Reform or Not Reform, that is the question.” Tax Reform is all the rage in the United States. Those within the Beltway, on Wall Street, and even on Main Street are actively engaged in the debate. … Continue reading

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The old man’s throat tightened as he approached the door. It had never been easy for him in these situations; only getting worse since his wife passed. He had to force himself to leave the house. Oh sure he went to church … Continue reading

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Listening to Santa Claus

Audio books are the latest way to multi-task. You can listen as you exercise or just watching the waves at the beach on a warm summer day. Richmond’s own Samuel E. Hoke has just finished narrating an audio book that … Continue reading

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Writing for Audio Books

Views and readers are well aware of scene breaks. They are readily apparent in both these traditional media. Authors use them to denote a change of scenery or the passage of time. I never gave them much thought until I … Continue reading

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Not Sugar-Coated

Originally posted on Stand Apart:
To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, Our Lord: I hear that you sit in your houses, intentionally avoiding meeting your neighbors.  You care more about having the latest smartphone than the well-being…

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Featured Author

Bublish, a new publishing site is having a floating bookstore and this week, I am one of the featured authors. check it out.

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Intertwined as the branch and the vine. Different yet the same. Destined to coexist. Always hopeful.

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